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Tree Services We Offer

Javi's Specialties
Javi's Tree Services
  • Trimming and Pruning

  • Stump Grinding

  • Roof Clearance

  • Removing

  • Reforestation

  • Fix Lopsided Trees

Trimming and Pruning

Keeping Growth Friendly

Tree pruning maintains it’s health in many ways while giving added benefits. You can train a tree’s growth and actually rejuvenate a tree when in the hands of an expert. The quality of the branches, blooming flowers and the overall health of the tree will improve when trimmed and pruned by Javi’s Tree Trimming.

So how does Javi’s trim and prune trees? At Javi’s we believe you need to love your tree! We take both the client’s wishes and well being of your tree to heart. At Javi’s our goal is to give you a well groomed, disease free tree.

Training a tree has to be done correctly to insure both your satisfaction and the health of the tree. Our 30 years of work in the Texas Hill Country has made us the most sought after Tree Trimming provider in the area.

Stump Grinding

The Right Tools & Expertise

Tree stumps! What’s a tree owner to do when a tree has been removed or a new house purchased and an unwanted tree stump remains?

It is true that tree stumps can be decorative. At Javi’s when we remove a tree, we always give the client the option to leave an elevated stump. However, suppose you want the stump removed?

Javi’s is your stump removal station. You have the option of ground level or below ground level removal. Don’t let a tree stump stump you! 🙂

Clear Roofs and Walls of Tree Branches

Tree Branch Clearing

If branches are too close to your roof or walls, Javi’s Tree Trimming Service is right for you.

Safety and legal requirements are what guides our experts in determining which  branches to clear and which to leave in place.

With our experience, we know what to look for and what to do give you the safest and best look to your tree. BEWARE OF COMPANIES THAT ADVERTISE RAISING YOUR TREE’S CANOPY!

In unskilled hands these companies will ruin the look of the tree. At Javi’s, our experts will avoid mistakes that once made, are irreversible.

Tree Removal

Sometimes A Tree Has To Be Removed

Just because a tree is sick does not mean it has to be removed. Javi’s knows the difference between a sick tree and a dying and decaying tree.

If you find unusual markings, fungi, sawdust, discolored leaves, deep cracks or hollowed spaces, any decay or dead branches, call Javi’s Tree Trimming Service immediately.

We do free evaluations. Our goal is to keep your tree up and thriving, if possible. If indeed the tree has to be removed, we will be up front about the situation and even plant a new tree if desired.

Suppose you’d like your tree removed for other reasons, Javi’s has you covered. We know the law concerning tree removal and we can affordably and legally get your tree removed.

Tree Planting or Reforestation

Keep Texas Wild!

Javi’s loves trees! It’s not just our business, it’s our heartfelt passion.

We can plant a tree or a whole forest of trees (!) for you correctly and safely that meet all legal requirements. Our experts look at your particular situation, landscaping requirements and existing trees in your area.

We know Texas and we know Texas trees. Plus, we’re affordable! Javi’s Tree Trimming Service can handle all of your tree needs.

We Help Fix and Prevent Lopsided Trees

Say No To Lopsided Trees!

“A man was walking down the street when a tree fell on his head.”

One of the main reasons trees fall, whether over time or in a storm, is an unbalanced distribution of weight to one side or the other. In other words, your tree is lopsided.

Lopsided trees are dangerous in Texas. We have strong winds, flash floods and sometimes just plain bad luck. That’s why Javi’s Tree Trimming Service is so valuable.

We understand trees and how to properly prune and trim them to keep a balanced distribution of weight. Balanced trees grow stronger roots. Stronger roots give you a better chance of withstanding that storm with your tree upright.

And an upright tree is a beautiful thing. 😉